In the early years of the 3rd millennium, a mixed and ever-changing group of musicians met in a workshop once a week to bash out tunes and songs under the working name of “Careful Now”.  That group has evolved to become what is now the “Swing Rioters”, a five piece punk folk band based in a shed in Blockley near Chipping Campden.

The original Swing Riots were a series of disturbances in the rural counties of England in 1830.  Increasing mechanisation was threatening the livelihoods and agricultural workers.  The workers responded with protest and, in some cases, violent actions including the burning of hay ricks and the smashing of threshing machines.

The Swing Rioters today sing songs of England suitably adapted to the modern world.  They play with energy and humour.  Expect to have a good time…

Swing Rioters Folk Punk Band bring a modern take on historical traditional folk songs that make for a riotous night out. Well worth a listen.